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Self Worth In Children

As parents, uncles, aunties, grand parents and role models, it is becoming
more evident in today’s society that we need to take a leading role in helping
guide children to understanding the value of self worth.


Self worth has a flow on affect to one’s Self Esteem, Self Acceptance and
Confidence. . Self worth is a vital belief for sustainable empowerment for us
and the next generation.


With depression a major challenge today, it is important that the value of ones
life is taught at a young age. Self Worth , Self Esteem and Confidence is not
something that can be bought, it is not something that can be easily transferred
from one person to another, it is within each of us and needs to be nurtured,
developed and encouraged.


The lack of self worth can be triggered by many things such as the fear of not
being good enough, not being loved,  the illusion of not being beautiful enough,
failure in an area of life, or not achieving success in a goal. The thing is as
adults we are setting the example. Children are smart learners, they pick up on
our language and when they sense uncertainty, they will take on some of that


Self worth should not be defined by another persons acceptance or love or even
by material possessions… the foundation of Self worth is built from gratitude,
self respect, inner peace, self acceptance and is the foundation of our ability
to believe in ourselves and is a major contributor to happiness in life.


Join me on my journey to empower the next generation by teaching children the
value of self worth.